Habitat III

In Habitat III our workshop participants were involved in three official participations.

  • The first was the representation of  NTUA, our university in the UNI habitat meeting, Tuesday October 18th which will be discussing ways that the New Urban Agenda is being addressed in academic environments.
  • The second activity was a Side Event which we will be organizing, based on our proposal for an event which was approved. Our Side event is entitled Imagining alternative futures for Ports in transition. It examines case studies of ports of air and water in various parts of the world in search of their new identity experience uncertain states of a gradual or abrupt transition from public assets, to private interests at the detriment of the communities and cities they serve and belong.
  • The third was an exhibition which will represent the reconstruction efforts in  Chamanga, which will also represent the work we will be doing during our joint NTUA/PUCE collaboration.